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Just a Small Family in America's Heartland with Big Talent....

What can we say? We've been Silversmithing for a long time. Over twenty years to be exact. It's a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. Growing up in the Silver Shop is a right-of-passage in our family. Thoughout the years; ups & downs, we have managed to keep creating a product that lasts through the ages. Something to be proud of that you can hand-down to your children. There aren't many things you can say that about these days.. But we feel confident about every unique piece that leaves our shop. 

Our ranger sets & buckles feature one-of-kind designs that are not only stylish no matter what you're doing, but also durable. Our products are made to work; whether it's roping in the arena or out in the pasture. Even cattle look stylish in our buckles. We not only stand by our products, but use them ourselves in our daily lives. If we won't use it, we won't sell it. 

From our home to yours, we truly hope to share one of our hand-crafted buckles.

So, what's the deal with the buffalo? We here at Open Range Silver Company feel that the buffalo is the perfect embodiment of The West. The buffalo symbolizes everything we stand for in America and the "Pioneer Spirit" that so many of us share. It is the very reason we keep fighting for what we believe in:

faith, family & livelihood. 

If you have something in mind? Give us a call. We can make your vision come to life in a lasting way. Have pride in your way of life. 

Live the Open Range.

Jeremiah 29:11

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